Stan is not only a professional bass player, but an accomplished songwriter and producer too. His wealth of music and bass playing experience covers over 40 years and 7 bands.

As well as being co-founder of Plastic Eaters, from 1996 through to 2000 Stan also managed Philadelphia's Sonic Studio (known for their Y-100 Sonic Sessions) and kept his hands (and ears) and production skills involved with many bands of all genres and levels.

Stan has written for, produced and/or remixed the following artists, Plastic Eaters, Pretty Poison, Josh Wink, Ani DiFranco, D-Generation, Rocket from the Crypt, Incognegro, The Goats, Kirk Brandon's 10:51, Theatre of Hate, Crazy Pink Revolvers and Spear of Destiny.

As a professional bass player, Stan has worked with Philly band The Goats, as well as recorded as a session bass player with numerous artists.

If you are interested in hiring Stan for some live work, recording sessions, or some production on your band, please contact us.

Stan Stammers World Service Tour 1985