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    Boy Boy Nova was formed in 1990 by Stan Stammers who may be remembered from UK bands Theatre of Hate, Spear of Destiny and Crazy Pink Revolvers. Stan approached Phil Fuegelo to play drums for a new band he was getting together. Stan met Phil in 1989 when Crazy Pink Revolvers played in Philadelphia and they had stayed in contact. Steve Margulis a friend of Phil's was recruited to play guitar and a friend of Stan's recommended Suzie Rosetti to sing for the band. At the time Suzie was working as a waitress in a cafe and sang for another band. Stan's friend got a demo of Suzie singing with the band she was in, which he listened to and really loved her voice. Suzie was invited to join the band on vocals and Stan came up with the catchy name Boy Boy Nova.
    The band occaisionally got together for rehearsals to write some catchy tunes which most would describe as melodic pop and over a three year period between 1990 and 1993 they played various gigs in Philly and New York.
    During this three year period Stan also work with Kirk Brandon again on the Spear of Destiny reunion in 1990, playing three sell out nights at the Marquee in London. Stan joined Kirk again the following year for the Theatre of Hate 'Return to 8' reunion tour. Between the summer and winter of '91 Spear of Destiny got together to record the SOD's Law album and in 1992 followed the release with a full UK tour.
    Over the three year period with Boy Boy Nova, the band only recorded a few demo's and unfortunately never recorded or released any material. The band mutually folded in 1993.

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