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Renowned Bass Player, Producer and Songwriter Stan Stammers, was born in 1961 and grew up in Saffron Walden, Essex, England. At the age of 11 his father bought him his first guitar. Stan didn’t seem to get it together playing the guitar, so when he was 13 his dad traded in his guitar and bought him a Vox Bass. His dad was a jazz pianist, so he use to accompany him with his bass. Like many in his era, Stan got into Punk Music through 70’s Rock, listening to the radio, buying records or cassettes. His first bands were formed with friends from school, and as there weren’t many bass players, he was in popular demand! Stan and his mates would go and see other Punk and Rock bands in Bishops Stortford at the Triad Club. From this early period Stan's main influence for playing the bass, was Slade's bassist Jimmy Lea, who he still touts as an influence today! The first punk band Stan played in was The Epileptics before moving to Brixton in London in 1978 where he joined The Straps in 1979. At the time Stan was working in BOY a clothes shop on the Kings Road to earn a few extra pounds, so he wore all the latest punk gear.

Not long before Kirk Brandon asked Stan to join Theatre of Hate in 1980, Charlie Harper had asked him to join UK Subs, as he had seen Stan play and knew he was a good bass player, but Stan decided to turn him down. Stan had already known Kirk for a while, not only from going to see The Pack, but because they moved in the same circle of friends. Kirk knew Stan was a good bass player, from going to see The Straps play. In about April 1980, Kirk approached Stan and said he was going to put a new band together called Theatre of Hate, and asked if he would join, which Stan obviously said yes! By June the nucleus of the band was found, joining Kirk and Stan was Luke Rendle on drums (formerly with Crisis and The Straps), and Steve Guthrie on guitar, an old mate of Kirks. The band spent two solid months of rehearsals, and then managed to get their first gig supporting Spizz at the Marquee, on August 6th 1980. It was a very promising gig, and best remembered for Stan falling off the stage, whilst still playing his bass! A second gig soon followed, supporting Dept. S at the notorious Music Machine, on one of the regular 20 pence entry nights.

November 1980 saw the band's first tour, partly supporting the Ruts and partly Killing Joke. Theatre of Hate's first single 'Original Sin', was to be a double A Side single with 'Leigon'. This single has subsequently become a classic, which is very difficult to get hold of due to it's being very quickly deleted. The second single 'Rebel Without a Brain' was released in March 1981, being produced by Mick Jones of The Clash, who had become a good friend of the band. In August 1981 Theatre of Hate embarked on recording their first studio L.P. the legendary 'Westworld' album, which was produced by Mick Jones. After the album was finished, they searched for a new guitarist, he came in the form of Billy Duffy, previously with Lonesome No More. Along the way Luke left, and was replaced by Nigel Preston. The bands fourth single 'Do You Believe in the Westworld' was being picked up on by national radio and gaining frequent airplay. It reached number 40 in the charts, so qualifying the band for an appearance on Top of the Pops, followed buy the release of the 'Westworld' ablum which went straight into the charts at number 18! Despite getting offers from various record labels with large undisclosed sums of money, and as 1982 was drawing to a close, Kirk decided that Theatre of Hate had run it's course, and wanted to start a new band with different music, so he asked Stan to move forward with him, and Theatre of Hate was disbanded.

Spear of Destiny was formed in January 1983, and their debut album 'Grapes of Wrath' followed not long after, with two singles being taken from the album, Flying Scotsman and The Wheel. Joining Kirk and Stan in the new band was Chris Bell from the Thompson Twins on drums, and Lascelle James on Saxophone. Later in 1983 with Kirk not being too happy with the current line-up, both Chris and Lascelle's were asked to leave. The second line-up of the band saw Dolphin Taylor from Stiff Little Fingers join them on drums, Neil Pyzer from Howard Devoto on keyboard and sax, Alan St Clair from Howard Devoto on guitar and Mickey Donnelly from Ian Dury's band on sax and percussion. This was undoubtedly the best line-up that ever came from the Spear of Destiny name. Their live shows were second to none and they had a large cult following. The second album 'One Eyed Jacks' was released in 1984, it was well written and creative reaching number 22 in the UK album charts. Two exceptional singles were released from 'One Eyed Jacks', the first being 'Prisoner Of Love', and the second a live favourite amongst fans, 'Liberator', which was played on Channel 4's The Tube music programme along with 'Young Men'. The band's third album released in 1985 was 'World Service', which reached number 11 in the UK album charts. 'World Service' threw the band into the big league, with tours all over England and Europe. The band were in demand for TV appearences both at home and abroad, which included a second stint on Channel 4's famous The Tube and Bliss programmes! Two singles were released from 'World Service', 'All My Love' and 'Come Back', but it was 'Mickey', 'Once In Her Lifetime' and 'I Can See' that became firm favourites live with fans. The band played two large UK tours, along with a number of festivals both in the UK and Europe. These two tours cemented Spear of Destiny as one of the most popular live acts in the UK. In early '86 the band went into the studio to record their fourth album which would include the live favourite 'Land of Shame', but in March their record label Epic Records decided to drop them from their label, despite having such a large following and two sell out tours the previous year. The band didn't get a chance to reap the reward of their ever growing fanbase with the new album, something that was very short sighted by Epic Records! The album would eventually see the light of day over 20 years later in July 2006, released as the 'Manor Mobile Sessions'. A few weeks after Epic Records dropped the band, Kirk decided that he wanted to restructure the band, and approached Stan to ask him to form a new Spear of Destiny. Stan didn't think it was the right thing to do, as Stan believed that they had the best band they could possibly have, as well as a huge following. So Stan decided that he wanted to take time out from Spear of Destiny for a while to work on some ideas he had for his own band.

In 1986 Stan formed Crazy Pink Revolvers after recruiting James Adam Bolton to play guitar, whom he had met at a gig at the then Town & Country Club (The Forum) in Kentish Town, London. The name Crazy Pink Revolvers came from a friend of Stan's called Annie Watkins (now Annie French, married to Frenchy owners of Steel Monkey). Annie was going to use the name for her clothes shop she was going to start for her clothing designs which Stan used to wear onstage in Spear. When Stan was looking for a name for his new band, Annie suggested this name which Stan instantly loved! Both Stan and Adam spent from early 1986 until August 1986 writing songs, and looking for musicians, and then in about August '86 Stan knew this really good drummer called Jake Slee who lived in the same area and was promptly asked to fill the drum stool. Daniel Drummond sang with a band called "Lack of Knowledge", singing kind of political punk stuff, and he was introduced to the band and was hired. At that time the band use to rehearse in Wapping East London and also at Elephant and Castle Sunday School, and other places around North London/South London. It was in these rehearsal rooms that the band got together the songs for the first album, First Down. Stefan, the singer for Living in Texas, who were mates of Stan's from touring with SOD, had started Chainsaw Records, and wanted to record CPR. So, without having played any gigs, they recorded 'First Down!' at RMS Studios in South London in January 1987. CPR played their first live gig at Fulham Greyhound on Friday 13th (!) of February 1987, supported by Last Salute a band formed by Barnet Mark one of Stan's best mates. There were about 400 people there for the first gig and CPR went down really well. On CPR's first live gigs, Mat Fraser from Living in Texas helped out until they found Laurent Reignier as their resident drummer. In middle of 1987 Daniel Drummond left and Stan moved to Lead Vocals and Lead Bass, playing 4 and 5 stringed basses. Colin Brown who was a mate of Stan and the band, was asked to take up the duties on Rhythm Bass; he was one of the Belfast Crew. John Curd came onto the scene around this time, everyone knew him as a promoter for years, he did all the best shows in London. John had a label ABC records, so Curdy came to see CPR and liked them and he had known Stan well for years. In early 1987 CPR signed to John Curds label ABC Records and recorded the 'Timeless Smiles EP' at The Lodge in Clare, Suffolk. In December 1987 Colin left the band because he had other things on his mind, and the band decided he wasn't up to keeping up with Lau's brilliant drumming, Lau's brother Tristan then took up the Rhythm Bass duties. Early in 1988 the band recorded their second album 'At the Rivers Edge' at Woodcray Studios in Berkshire, and from this the band was invited on the Jiffy Safe Sex Tour, joining two other London bands, Lightning Strikes and Boys Wonder. In January 1989 CPR recorded their second single, 'Wednesday 19:45' again at Woodcray Studios in Berkshire, and Remixed by Jeremy Green. The single which was taken from the album was written about the Kings Cross fire on the London Underground in 1988. During the time whilst the band were together, they toured, Scandinavia, Holland, Germany, France as well as the States. In March 1989 Stan decided to leave the band and in September 1989 left London with his American girlfriend to live in Philadelphia in the US.

Stan arrived in Philly in September 1989 and after finding his feet for a few months, decided he wanted to start another band, so he contacted Phil Fuegelo who he knew from when CPR played in Philly. Stan had kept in contact with Phil and asked if he wanted to start a band with him and play drums for them. Steve Margulis was a mate of Phil's and was recruited to play guitar. A friend of Stan's recommended Suzie Rosetti to sing for the band, at the time she was working as a waitress in a cafe and sang for another band. Stan's friend got a demo of Suzie singing with the band she was in, which he listened to and really loved her voice. Suzie was invited to joined the band on vocals and Stan came up with the name Boy Boy Nova.

In 1990 Kirk Brandon contacted Stan to see if he could work with him on some new material he had, as well as some live shows, so Stan re-joined him in Spear of Destiny for three sell out nights at London's famous Marquee Club, and the following year a UK wide Theatre of Hate tour. During this time between 1990 and 1992 Stan would run Babylon Sounds Recording Studios, as well as play in his own band Boy Boy Nova, who played various gigs in Philadelphia and New York. Boy Boy Nova only recorded a few demo's and unfortunately never recorded or released any material, the band mutually folded in 1992. In 1992 Spear of Destiny recorded the 'SOD's Law' album and did another UK tour. In early '93 Kirk moved to Philly where they toured off and on for over a year as Theatre of Hate, and for a few gigs as Elephant Daze. Elephant Daze recorded the Bare To The Bone demos which were recorded in Babylon Sounds Studios, the songs were produced and co- written by Stan. In Mid 1994 the band went back into the recording studio with producer Brad Morrison to record as 10:51 with songs that were co-written by both Kirk and Stan. The album eventually got released in the UK as Kirk Brandon's 10:51 'Stone In The Rain' in 1995 and as Theatre of Hate 'Retribution' in the US. The 'Children Of The Damned' single was released off of 'Stone In The Rain, a track that was co-written by Kirk and Stan. In December 1994 Stan decided to take time out from working with Kirk once again, to work on some new music ideas he had, which would take him in a different musical direction.

Plastic Eaters were formed in Philadelphia in early 1996 as a creative venture between two of the local underground music scene's most swank daddies. After nearly 7 years in the States, Stan found an accomplice for his new musical endeavors in the digital visionary and vocalist Rob Daly. Stan had known Daly since he arrived in Philly, they drank together and moved in the same social circle. Originally Stan approached Daly to program drums for the songs he had been writing, which were based around various samples. Experienced, and adept at music technology, Daly had done studio work with numerous Philly musicians, as well as several internationally known artists and groups. And where Stan spent his youth in the London punk scene, Daly spent his formative years involved in the East Coast hardcore scene. Stan had approach James Atkin the lead singer from EMF, who was very keen and was sent a demo of one of their first songs 'Six Gun', which was written around a sample of part of Joe Strummers' vocal from "I Fought The Law". James loved it very much and was very keen to get over to Philly to work with Stan and Rob, but unfortunately after lots of effort from Stan he never came over. Stan had loved EMF's music creativity, and thats why after he heard EMF had split, he tried to get James. Staying true to their roots, but utilising technology, Plastic Eaters stepped it up a notch. Though Plastic Eaters creative strength was in the studio, the stage was where they thrived. Expanding to a full band, and in the early days Plastic Eaters' live performances made for a high energy event of both sight and sound. They combined samples and loops with the addition of a live guitarist and drummer. The band has played a lot of gigs around the States, especially in Philly and New York where they have been building up a strong fan base, and gaining sponsorship from both Adidas and Levis, which is testament to their creativity. Along the way there have been additional members in the band, Aublelena has been there to provide backing vocals both live and in the studio, Steve Crudello has helped out on guitar, and Andy 'Bug' Morris (R.I.P.) on drums, who unfortunately died and was replaced by Geoff Verne. Experienced and adept in music production, Plastic Eaters have done studio work with numerous Philly and NYC musicians, as well as several internationally known artists and groups. Plastic Eaters have edited, remixed, and/or produced Pretty Poison, Josh Wink, Ani DiFranco, D-Generation, Rocket from the Crypt, Incognegro and Crazy Pink Revolvers. Whilst in Plastic Eaters, Stan has also worked in the studio as a bass player for well known Philly band The Goats.

Stan and his music partner Rob Daly started Plastic Eater Sound in 2010, after they decided to disband their band Plastic Eaters. Plastic Eater Sound is a cutting edge music production company based in Philadelphia, they specialise in Commercial Releases, Music Production and Mixing, Soundtracks and Scores, Licensed and Commissioned Music, Sound Design, Mixing for Film and TV, and Songwriting.

Stan's not only a full time member of cult UK band Theatre of Hate with singer, songwriter and front man, Kirk Brandon, he also fronts his own band Crazy Pink Revolvers as a side project, and works as a session musician for various artists, which includes both live and studio work, and currently owns and runs Plastic Eater Sound with his music partner Rob Daly.

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